[Core2] make Button disappear

  • I seek for a solution for the following problem.

    The code below shows a button handling in Core2.
    When the Event is detected I want to get rid of the button, i.e. make the button disappear.
    I tried several options, see source code.
    What happens is, that the event is disabled.
    However when I push in the button area on the TFT the button appearance still behaves by changing colors.
    What do I miss here?
    Thank you in advance for any hints!

    #include <M5Core2.h>
    ButtonColors onCol = { TFT_DARKGREY, TFT_WHITE, TFT_WHITE };
    ButtonColors offCol = { TFT_WHITE, TFT_BLACK, TFT_WHITE };
    Button rt(162, 0, 158, 80, false, "120 sec", onCol, offCol);
    void RtBtnTouched(Event& e) {
    		// deactivate button --> three approaches tested so far	   
    void setup() {
    	rt.addHandler(RtBtnTouched, E_TOUCH);
    void loop() {