UiFlow device firmware v1.7.2 generate new API key

  • Bug: When using UiFlow device firmware v1.7.2 on the Core devices, there is an option in Setup to generate new API key. Upon selecting it, the device locks up and you can no longer use the buttons to navigate the menu. You must hit the reset button to recover the device. After reset, the API key has not changed.
    Note: generating a new API key works on the Core2 device with v1.7.2 firmware. This bug is for the Core devices.

    What device are you using? Tested with Core Grey and Fire
    What firmware are you using? v1.7.2
    How did you burn the firmware into the device? M5Burner
    Version of UIFlow you are using? Web IDE v1.7.2 beta
    Steps to reproduce the issue so we could test it as well:
    Boot device. Quickly press Setup button. Navigate to the option to generate a new API key. Select it. Then the device becomes unresponsive to button presses. Reset the device. API key stays the same.

  • I get a new API key on the M5Paper when I erase it (edit: using the erase button in the upper right of M5Burner) and then burn the firmware again. Would be easier to have a working button, though :)