I hope this is she right place. I have M5StickC nits But It seems stuck or something

  • I hope this is the right place. I have M5StickC nits But It seems stuck or something I'm trying to program them to use as Tally lights talking the Blackmagic ATEM switcher. I tried to follow a few examples on the internet. the main problem for most of the time was that I couple even get my macs to work with it at all. I finally got access to a windows machine and got the project to verify then It said it uploaded. Or so I thought. I just had a very bark grey screen and the light was stuck on. I assume that this may have something with not having access to the switcher. So I got the switcher and put it on the network where it could be seen from the M5 and rebooted it using the side button and still just a dark screen and the light stuck on. Now the Arduino software on the windows machine doesn't see it either. It used to show up as COM 3 but now nothing.

  • Hello @calmasacow

    I get the impression you are trying to do to many things at once. May I suggest you start slow and take it step by step?

    • first make sure you can upload a program from your computer successfully and multiple times
    • start with a simple program like this
    • then try to modify it, for instance by changing the text

    Only if above steps work reliably it makes sense to continue with your own stuff.

    Good luck!