concerns with TOF measurement

  • I test the TOF module with my CORE Gray and Uiflow, normaly easy to use. my TOF has a value of 145 to 10cm, 370 to 40cm, the maximum value is 531 to 75cm, then the value decreases beyond 75cm. This is annoying for use with a robot, I have a value of 130 to 150cm. How to correct this error and prevent the robot from confusing with an identical value of 145 at 10cm and at 160cm?

  • @arno The VL53L0X is sensitive to external bright artificial light sources. I have seen people place a tube around the sensor chip to try to reduce light interference.

  • Thank you for the details.
    This will be a real problem for my robot which must evolve outside. I need to use something more evolved.
    Do you think the TF mini Plus is compatible with a CORE2? Possible to program it with UIFlow, I haven't used micropython yet?link text

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