M5Stack / GPS / UIFlow

  • Hi all,
    I am a newbie in this forum as well as regarding M5Stack.
    As Newbie I start with the M5Stack fire in combination with UIFLow/Blocky.

    I read about the limitation and possible workarounds reagarding M5Stack Fire with a GPS sensor.
    Is there a solution in the meantime, that can be approached via UIFlow?
    So far I couldn`t integrate the GPS sensor via UiFlow.


  • Hello @Uli

    When you say 'GPS sensor' what is the exact hardware you have? Do you have a GPS Module or a GPS Unit from M5Stack or a device from another vendor?

    What do you mean exactly by 'limitations and possible workarounds'? Where did you read about it?

    I do not own a GPS Module or GPS Unit so I cannot test it myself, but when I select M5Stack Fire as device in UIFlow 1.7.2 I do see support for both.