[UIFlow] Open source UIFlow

  • Many have asked and therefore many will contribute.... please open source uiFlow so we (the community) can help fix bugs and add enhancements (new blocks).

  • I hope they open source this. UIFlow has issues. I've tried the configuration for M5Stick C Plus and it just stays trying to open the configuration.

  • The quality of the hardware is really good, it reminds me the Adafruit dynamics.
    Open source core tools will be such a good idea to let us, as a community, help and improve all M5Stack software.

    Anyone from M5Stack has an opinion on this?

  • Each company is free to decide whether to open their software or not, but I think that M5Stack will gain so much love and help if they decided to open UIFlow, give a way to contribute to documentation...

    Is it possible to have a statement on this from M5Stack or do we continue to ask it without answers as it is for months now?

  • And a clear documentation on MicroPython API as all I can guess is from Loboris repository who kindly provide a true MicroPython distribution but without what you can read in UIFlow python screen.