CardKB powered by 3.3V not working?

  • I'm using the CardKB peripheral attached to an FPGA. I can't power it with 5V because the inputs to the FPGA are not 5V tolerant, so I am powering it with 3.3V. However, the results that I am getting from the I2C driver ( looked at with a logic analyser) do not reflect the keys pressed, so I am wondering if there is any reason that the device will not work properly when powered with 3.3V. Has anybody tried this?

  • Global Moderator

    @hillsh_vi hello, do you mean you power the CardKB using 3.3V? it might be the reason as the requirement is 5V. what you can do is power it by 5V and then downstep to 3.3V for the FPGA.