Where are the docs for MicroPython with M5Stack?

  • For example, I know I can turn the LED on/off with M5Led, but where is this documented? I can't even see any reference to it on the M5Stack github




    Where would that be?

    It would be nice to have some proper stuctured docs, or at least some source to look at, to see what is available

  • Here is my work in progress documents. they are free to download until they are finished.

    It is taking me a long time to find the seperate api's.
    Which LED are you trying to turn on and off?

    The API calls in micropython are

  • I agree, it seems there is a lot of documentation for MicroPython missing.

    What is the recommended setup? Maybe Visual Studio Code with VS-Code Plug-In.

    But now it's up and running, a lot more questions appear:

    1. How do I switch from USB to WiFi mode? (epecially if I used UIFlow online as first step)
    2. Will WiFi be automatically connected even in USB mode?
    3. How do I get the WiFi status? How do I change it and re-connect?
    4. Why do I have to set the USB mode? M5Burner can connect over USB in WiFi mode, why can't mpy?
    5. When the program is running on my Core2 I need to reset it to run again. Is that standard process?
    6. Is there a debug console? How to use it (write to and see output)?

    And for development we need more functionality. What libraries are included?

    1. Touch display input?
    2. Web-server?
    3. web-sockets?
    4. QR-code generation?
    5. File management (on SD card)?

    There are some nice Arduino examples, but MicroPython is completely missing.

    How do I integrate a 3rd party MicroPython library?

    I think we would really love to see some more documentation...


  • @mb I will add your suggestions to my todo list. I'm currently working on the E Ink devices documentations which take in Arduino, Micropython and UIFlow.

  • there is a short explanation:


    At the bottom of site you have links to detailed documentation of some modules/devices.

    Probably it is outdatet and havent described new modules and devices.

  • This is still the case. I can't find any information on how to use the M5 Python Library.

    1. Where does it live? I've seen a GitHub repo, but it mainly says C++ or Arduino. As far as I can tell, this is not good for me.
    2. Why can't I import it with pip? It's also not on https://pypi.org/. Why not if it is becoming a major player in the Pi world?
    3. What can I do with that library?
    4. What functions does it contain?

    None of this stuff is easy to find, making this product unusable for use.