Thermal unit MLX90640 with Core2

  • Hello,

    I have obtained a Core2 with a thermal unit (MLX90640). The example code for the thermal unit does not work on the Core2. Also, in UiFlow there is no option to add the thermal unit with the "+" icon. However if I start UiFlow and select the classic Core, it is possible to add the thermal unit.

    Is the themal unit not compatible with the Core2?

  • Hello @Hexyl

    most modules, units and their associated examples have been developed before M5Core2 was available and therefore often do not just work out of the box. It is a pity that the M5Stack engineers do not (can not) spare more time to adapt / fix the existing examples from M5Stack to M5Core2.

    That said, the issue you are facing is that in M5Stack port A uses GPIO21 / GPIO22 (same as the internal I2C bus). In M5Core2 that has changed and only the internal I2C bus uses GPIO21 and GPIO22, however the external I2C bus on port A uses GPIO32 and GPIO33.

    In the Thermal unit example try replacing these lines:



      M5.begin(true, false, true, true);

    the last true enables the external I2C bus on GPIO32 and GPIO33.

    Hope this helps.

    Re UIFlow: I have no idea as to if and when the thermal camera will be supported. That is another question for the M5Stack engineers.