Drawing random PNG images from SD problem

  • How do i get this code to work
    this works :
    M5.Lcd.drawPngFile(SD,"/Image8.PNG", 0, 0); // display splash screen
    M5.Lcd.drawPngFile(SD,PngName, 0, 0); // display splash screen
    does not in code below.
    I want to generate a random slide show

       int Arand=random(11);
      String PngName="/Image"+ String (Arand)+".PNG";
      Serial.println (PngName);
       M5.Lcd.drawPngFile(SD,(PngName), 0, 0); // display splash screen

  • Hi @AndyT

    AFAIK drawPngFile() expects a pointer to a character array as path name and not a String. Just curious, does your code compile w/o error?

    I think something like this should work:

    M5.Lcd.drawPngFile(SD, PngName.c_str(), 0, 0);


  • Cheers Felix,
    No it did not compile without errors before. But adding .c.str() solved it .
    Thank you again

  • Hello @AndyT

    you are welcome. Glad to hear it works now.