Help to upgrade battery without any accessory for RGBW lamp project

  • I'm designing a battery-powered lamp for tables with M5StickC and,

    1. Can I replace the 80mah lipo with a 3300mah? (I don't want to use the battery HAT)
    2. How do I disassemble M5stickC beyond the 2 screws? (It's not easy to lift the board and get access to the battery.)
    3. Are there libraries to program RGBW neopixels for UIFLOW?(

    Thank you!

  • Hello @akshaypatil

    1. what exactly do you mean by 'replace'? You can 'attach/add' any battery on the outside, but almost any larger capacity battery will not mechanically fit inside M5StickC.

    2. AFAIK you cannot lift the two boards without separating them first - that is what I did when I took these pictures.

    3. I don't know.


  • all you need to do is connect 5V directly to the led strip between the M5StickC and the led strip.
    alt text

  • @felmue Thank you! Sorry for the late reply, got busy with something.

    Which ports do I add the battery externally? To "bat" and "gnd"?
    I was going to leave it barebones since it's not easy to find an alternative esp32 pico kit with a battery charging circuit onboard. (tiny tiny size)
    Would be cool to have an esp32 mounted on top of a li-ion cell, like how they have the protection circuits.

  • Hello @akshaypatil

    yes, 'bat' and 'gnd'. I suggest you also check out the M5StickC schematics.