A core with ESP32-S2

  • In my point of view it would be great to have an M5 core with the ESP32-S2.
    The S2 variant has the USB-OTG, and with the right bootloader (TinyUF2 Bootloader), it can expose the internal flash as a USB drive. No more AMPY or custom tools to updload files on the core. We would be able to use the Mu editor on the same easy way as we can do with the Micro:bit.

    Last but not least, there is already a port of Adafruit CircuitPython for the ESP32-S2. CircuitPython is very well documented with tons of library alredy written for it.
    I find easier to work with CircuitPython than MicroPython.

    Let's look for example how CircuitPython handle the audio:

    • It use the same libraries regardless of the porting
    • It has support for reading MP3 files
    • You can choose to use a PWM or an I2S output
    • There are plenty of examples

  • btw week ago ESP32-S3 was out to press:

  • Sadly, the ESP32-S3 drops USB host mode, so the use case presented by the OP won't work on the new part.

    An M5Stack w/ the ESP32-S2 would open up a bunch of interesting use cases due to that feature.