Are all grove connectors made equal?

  • Hi guys,

    Long time ago I bought a set of grove cables from seeedstudio(who are in fact "inventors" of the grove connectors).
    However, the cable connector doesn't fit in the Core2's grove port but fits in other parts from m5stack. I looked on seeed's website to find more information about different grove connectors but all information I find says that there is only one type... Please see the photos. 2_1607235552031_IMG_4241.jpg 1_1607235552030_IMG_4240.jpg 0_1607235552030_IMG_4239.jpg

  • Grove is a standard of cable design created by seedstudio as you have noticed.

    It uses a 4 pin JST-PH connector with a 2mm centre between pins.

    There are 2 main cables latching and non latching. Latching is used for sensors and actuators that need to be connected to controllers where as non latching is needed to plug into the controller (M5Stack/ SeeedStudio Wio).
    You just need to snip the latch off of one end of the cable to plug into controllers or devices tat have the clip covered.

    There are also 2 varients of the cable on the market one has the colours Black, Red, White, Yellow, and the other has Black, Red, Yellow, White.

    There are however additional Seeedstudio/M5Stack cables that are
    Grove 2 Grove,
    Grove 2 Stemma,
    Grove 2 Dupont Male,
    Grove to dupont Female.

  • @ajb2k3 Thank you for the detailed explanation!