M5StickC wifi connect screen never goes away

  • This bug has been around for several versions and I am surprised it is not fixed yet. When connecting to wifi the wifi conenction status screen ALWAYS shows regardless of 'show in lcd' setting. It also does not go away, requiring you to run LCD.clear() and wipe out your UI that you've built.

    To reproduce:
    wifi credentials burned to device
    New project
    add label or other UI interface elements
    add wifi connect, set show in lcd to true or false doesn't matter
    run project

    What should happen:
    if show in lcd true, wifi connect screen should show up then go away once connected, if false it should not show up at all

    What does happen:
    wifi connection screen never goes away and you have to run LCD.clear() after a while loop waiting for the wifi to connect, wiping out the default values for UI elements you set

  • Global Moderator

    Hi @mrono, Just filled a report about this bug. we'll work to fix it in the near future, thanks for letting us know!
    update: the bug will be fixed next release.