Core 0 panic'ed -- Fix by reducing CPU speed

  • Had "Core 0 panic'ed......" errors on various M5StickC units.

    Reduced CPU speed from 240MHZ to 80MHz, problem seems to be gone .......

    Units run cooler too (at 240MHz units were slightly warm to touch).

  • M5Stack

    In this situation, we haven't met. our all firmware is used 240MHz default. maybe you could check it does related to your program.

  • @m5stack :

    So far the "80Mhz" fix is holding up since Oct-21st , running on 2 units.

    Program and IDE are the same when running at 240MHz.
    When the problem occurs (at 240MHz), both units lock up so bad, that they will not even reboot.

    I will try a few more M5StickC running at 240Mhz (with exact same program and programmed from same IDE) and see if they again lock up after a few days.