Can I mix M5GO and the M5Stack Power Module ?

  • Hi,

    I'm a little bit confused about if I'm allowed to add the power module to my M5Stack Fire Core module together with the M5GO bottom module.

    Some docs say that it's not ok, others say, it is ok to mix power modules.

    Which one is correct?

    Thanks and greetings,


  • M5Stack

    Power module? you mean battery module right? you could stack them together. M5GO-Bottom + Battery Module + FIRE CORE.

  • Hi.

    Yes I mean the battery module.

    It is safe to mix them? Because the M5GO Bottom has 600mAh and the battery module has 700mAh.

    Is it ok to mix them? There are several security hints in some web shops that point in different ways.

  • M5Stack

    mix them use. the batteries will charge each other, so there will be additional consumption of battery power. It is not recommended to stack battery modules with too many layers.

    For safety, it is recommended only stack one 1 piece battery module would be good.

  • Sorry your answer is not clear to me:

    You say that I can mix batteries or that I'm allowed to stack a few (but not too much!) of them. That would be ok.

    But in the last sentence you say that it is not recommended to stack more than only one battery because of safety.

    That means, it is unsafe to stack batteries in the M5stack fire ?

  • M5Stack

    It is safe, but the battery will charge each other.