Big Font

  • Hello,

    I need a big font for my application, in the factory example the EVA font is used.

    I like to use a font like "Font72rle".
    First step is to include the new font:

    #include <Fonts/Font72rle.h>

    How can I use the new font?
    The function setFreeFont didn't work for me.

  • That font is "Run Length Encoded", which I think is not supported by the display library. Maybe try my font conversion tool to make your own font files.

  • Hello @Rop,

    thank you for your help. Do you test it with M5Core2-enviroment?
    I generated a "FreeSerif34pt7b" from you website and compilation of my
    program was ok.

    If I started the M5Core2 and I used the new font to see the time, for example 08:29,
    I saw 00 88 :: 22 99 in the first line und a second line with the top of the characters.

    It seemed, that the length of the characters in the font was not okay.

  • It's just a web frontend to the adafruit font converter thing. Might have a look once I'm done with a bunch of other Core2-related goodness. Feel free figure out WTF...