M5Stick connects to wrong wifi network

  • Hi, I have an M5Stick C that keeps connecting to the wrong wifi network, and need help to make it connect to the correct one.

    I first connected it to one wifi network (eg: ABC), and now I want it to connect to a different wifi network (eg: ABC-guest). I went through the process to set it up on the other network (ABC-guest), and it worked and connected once... I could see it on the new network. But now, every time it reboots, it automatically connects to the first network (ABC). How can I force it to always connect to the last network I added or selected? Or, how can I make it forget a Wifi network??

  • M5Stack

    see the step 4 , have a WiFi-Select option


  • I tried "Wi-Fi Select", but it did not work. I can manually select the correct network, but after a reboot, it automatically connects to the wrong network again. I want to remove a network from that list, so that it can only connect to the correct network... is there any way to do that?

    Also, that menu item only shows a few letters for each network. I have 2 networks that start with the same string of letters, and only the end of the string is different... so on that menu, there is no way to tell which one is which... I have to check on the routers every time, to see which network it connected to.

  • Finally got it working correctly. I had to use M5Burner to erase my M5StickC, and then set it all up again from scratch and reprogram it. At least I was able to get it to forget old wifi networks.