M5Stack Fire won’t connect to IPhone hotspot

  • I can’t get my M5 to connect to my iPhone personal hotspot on my XSMax. I’m not connected to a WiFi connection, my hotspot name is Kelly, no spaces or anything, I put the M5 in the select Wi-Fi Ap mode and go to the IP address shown on the screen and the connection page comes up. My hotspot isn’t listed which I think is probably my first clue it’s not going to work and then I click the other box and type in Kelly and the password, but it will not connect. I plan to try it with anothe lr hotspot if I get a chance. I thought I had wrote my program where if it didn’t find a WiFi connection, it would not matter, but I guess not.

  • M5Stack

    your other device connect the hotspot is normal?

    maybe you could try to remove the battery bottom. then try again.

  • @m5stack That did the trick! Thank you! I was able to get it connected without the battery. So can I attach the battery now?