Core2 + Face RFID cannot get work

  • I bougth Core2 + Faced RFID. With FlowUI I can get all work, but I want to make some Arduino code, because want to have faster boot, FlowUI have own boot logo etc.

    If I use M5Stack library Core2 wont boot.
    If I use this code wont work:

    Only M5Core2.h working, but cannot get RFID to work.

    Have anyone tried this?

  • M5Stack

    add M5.Axp.SetBusPowerMode(0); to the setup.

    this is a bug. we will fix it as soon as possible

  • Hello,

    How can I connect a core2 to a faces II with an RFID?
    The faces II male connector is too short to plug into the female connector inside the core2.
    0_1606947678710_Core2 - Faces II.jpeg
    Thank you.!

  • Hello @antzaro

    I think you'll first need to remove the dark grey bottom plate of the M5Core2 which is held in place by four screws. Please be careful when doing so as the battery is attached (double sided tape) to the bottom plate while its wire is connected to the M5Core2 main PCB using a small connector. Without the bottom plate the M5Core2 should fit onto the Face RFID.