WTF with versions???

  • Got 2 M5stack Core2 yesterday.

    Spent 2 hours trying to understand M5 logic with versions mess.
    Burned Core2 via M5Burner(2.1.6) with UIFlow Beta4-core2.
    Download UIFlow-Desktop-IDE and choosed Beta, because there is no Core2 in v1.4.5.
    CheckUpdate gives Current Version 1.0.12 on both 1.4.5 and Beta.
    What is 1.0.12 for?

    After connecting to Core2, IDE reccomend update Firmware to 1.6.3,
    WEB IDE reccomend update Firmware to 1.6.4.
    What are 1.6.3 and 1.6.4 Firmwares and where are them located?

  • you could ignore the version notice. just select the core2 device on the setting page will be ok.
    1.0.12 was for the Desktop IDE software version.
    1.4.5 or 1.6.x was for the UIFlow firmware version.