M5Button & M5Touch: progress update

  • I just issued a Pull Request to pull the advances in M5Button and M5Touch into the M5Core2 library. As everything seems stable and nothing breaks anything existing, I hope m5Stack not only takes them on board but also releases a new version of the Arduino library so more people get to use the new features.

    I have also filed a PR on the M5Stack library for the 3-button 'Core-ESP32' and 'Fire' devices. It (naturally) does not have M5Touch but offers all of M5Button's button-drawing goodness and events as well as the same neat tweaks on the M5Display object. All the files are identical, with any changes behind #ifdef statements, so there's no need to have multiple versions of anything. i also hope M5Stack takes these on as soon as possible and also releases a new version.

  • thank you contribution, after our engineer check, we will merge it as soon as possible.

  • @m5stack ^_^

  • Hello @m5stack

    I can imagine you guys are busy with all the new exiting products (M5CoreInk, M5Paper etc.), but I was wondering about when Rop's excellent improvements for M5Core2 will be approved?

    BTW: I am using Rop's code for a while now and with great success.

    Thank you very much in advance.