product suggestion - power plug bottom

  • I would like to be able to buy a bottom element that is itself a power plug with a transformer. That way I could just plug the Stack into a wall socket and have a 24h-machine. And since I am in Europe, I would prefer to have the European model first :-)

    That would also help put the Stack in a nice 45° angle while I am developing (while having the Stack connected to my PC by USB)

  • Why not just get a longer USB C lead and connect to a USB power supply?
    However, you can download the baseplates from thingiverse, edit them to house the protoboard and a separate power connector then solder the connector to the protoboards battery pins.

  • That thing should have a CE certification, I think ...

  • @wschnell Hi,

    Perhaps consider the M5Stack PLC Proto board.... you can use it to power the M5Stack via a standard DC power transformer rated between 9 - 12 volts. Have tested this - works well.

  • I can power it through my mobile phone charger or a battery pack, just using a tiny USB3 Adapter; and I can power it off my solar panel. I just like the idea of having a web server (or whatever else I made ...) that I can plug into an AC socket.