M5 Core burn failed v1.4.5.1

  • I had a core M5 module with UI Flow v1.2.5 and I tried to upgrade it to the latest v1.4.5.1. The erase was successful but the burn is failing with any baud rate. I tried multiple settings but still the same error. (0_1599431993940_M5BurnFailedError.png image url)

  • Have you selected the correct core option?
    Make sure that you Do NOT select the fire or core2 firmware.

  • After option flash size auto detect you have parameter size/address set to 0x400000. Probably this number is treat as address to write wifi.bin at end last byte of flash memory (dont fit in flash from this address, write beyound flash). Try burn firmware without settings a wifi credentials, or don't set flash size if auto detect size option is set. Eventually manually run esptool in command line with correct parameters.