A simple calendar for cores

  • Hi all, I've made a simple calendar for my core(s)

    -Built in UIFlow (Beta1.6.2 / v1.0.11 and Firmware 1.6.2), no custom blocks, however some execute blocks
    -Year, month, day, time display
    -Keeps time as long as powered ;-)
    -Browse through months / return to today (home)
    -Date/time setting via NTP or manually

    -Switching to manual setting when NTP fails doesn't work properly (yet)
    -I get an error when uploading to the device (it does upload the python file though)

    I will share the code when the latter is resolved, will post it in in bugs

    Possible future upgrades I currently have in mind:
    -Marking of special days (birthdays, appointments.... saved on SD)
    -Alarms (but the buzzer seems rather crackly here)
    -Selection of wifi network for ntp

  • Nice design! To make it friendlier to the colorblind, I would make the current day dark font on light background. It would stand out nicely and be readable by anyone.

  • @vkichline
    Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

    Once the upload issue is fixed, I'll share the m5f file, anybody then can easily change the color to their liking or infact modify it entirely if desired, there's most likely things in there that could have been done in a better way. (Feel free to point them out, I'm still learning)