Faces Joystick 4 RGB LEDs

  • Could you please stop describing the faces joystick as having 12 RGB LEDs. This is very misleading. The JoyC and the faces encoder do have 12 RGB LEDs, but not the faces joystick.
    The faces joystick only has 4 RGB LEDs not 12, so it has 12 LEDs in total (4 red, 4 green, 4 blue) but not 12 RGB LEDs!

    The RGB LEDs under the joystick are not in separate compartments, when one is lit with a specific colour it unfortunately bleeds into the other LED colours. You need to have some separators between each LED to make a nicer effect. I cut some pieces of card and the plastic diffuser to divide each LED under the joystick into a separate compartment so that the colours do not blend together. Perhaps something like this could already be done in a future version of the joystick.

    EDIT: I've noticed that when using the joystick it is difficult to hold it to see all 4 LEDs at the same time, one LED is usually obscured by your thumb in the direction you are pushing the stick . I've now changed back my modification because at least the blended colours give a small indication of which direction is active. I still think the ring of separate and not diffused LEDs on the JoyC is a much better effect.

  • thank you feedback . we will correct this mistake info.