UIFlow digital input interrupt

  • In UIFlow is it possible to use an interrupt on an input? when I get a sub millisecond low signal on an input I would like to run some code.

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    When you say sub millisecond I guess you are not going to use a button to interrupt, if so then how do you intend to interrupt from an input

  • 50hz triac phase control with zero crossing timing synchronization. 100micro second timing tolerance or better. I ended up porting to Arduino/C++, too many limitations with UIFlow for now, python maybe to slow anyway. UIFlow is a good tool for higher level/basic control.

  • Hello,
    try an execute block, look at my code below.

    First i defined the two variables "is_running" and "counter".
    In UIFlow i defined pin0 with GPIO26 as input with pull down resistor.!
    Then i defined the event_interrupt(pin) - procedure. I use it for counting impulses at the GPIO26, therefore it is necessary to declare the variables as globals.

    Every second i read in the main loop the value of the counter variable and reset the is_running variable.

    def event_interrupt(pin):
    global is_running, counter
    is_running = True
    counter += 1

    pin0.irq(trigger=machine.Pin.IRQ_RISING, handler=event_interrupt)


  • @Gaviota
    hello and thank you for your information.
    Would you be so kind to post the full code?
    It doesn't work for me - i always get a syntax error.

    Thanks in advance,


  • @Gaviota
    Hello Gaviota,
    thank you for sharing this information.

    I tried to implement it, but i get an error.
    Would you be so kind to post the whole program?

    Thank you in advance,


  • @Gaviota
    hello Gaviota,
    i tried to run your code, but i always get an error.
    Would you be so kind to post the full program so i can find my mistake.

    Thank yo in advance,