Support multiple files

  • Hello,

    I would like to know if there is plan to allow have programs splited in multiple files on UIFlow Editor, like a real app with clases etc. I have the feeling that the content on the editor grows to quickly and search for things can be difficult. Having multiple files with in the same app could be very helpful.


  • if you are use blockly editor you could use "custom block" to package some code and import to the program to let the program splited in multiple files . for the time being the Python Code Eidtor don't support splited in multiple files

  • Hi, thanks for the answer, but this is not actually helping in the issue. I may have explained wrong.

    • I'm using blockly and the screen get mess with so many blocks around used by the app.
    • Use custom blocks would not help too much as I would need to write my own python code plus also I would drag the block inside the screen also.

    So lets say my idea is having blockly have various screen for the same app to organize the blocks in sections/pages.


  • @jesuslg123 oh ~i see... you mean is hope user could create some page. and use block to control which page will display in the screen? right? .. that is a good idea , actually our engineer have ever considered this. so maybe this function will in the future release.