M5STACK ATOM TailBat shutdown beause the Atom is not consuming enough current

  • I've a Atom Lite and the TailBat.
    I'm programming the Atom Lite with arduino ide.
    the only function (in my code) that I'm using is Bluetooth HID.
    after about 35 seconds the tailbat is shutting off. because the current consumption is not high enough.

    If I use more features the tailbat stays on.

    what can I do the keep the tailbat powering the atom lite?

  • I did some investigation.
    If the Atom Lite or Atom is downclocked to 80MHz the tailbat will turn off because of the to low power consumption .
    If I change it to 160MHz, it will stay on.

    So how can i alter the tailbat to support the Atom with low power consumption?

  • Hi @Pepsi ,

    Did you find any way how to achieve it ? I'm looking for something similar but preferably in micropython.