I think my StickC has died ... any suggestions?

  • Since arriving a couple of weeks ago, the M5StickC has worked like a champ. Together with the ENV and weight sensors, it's proven to be perfect for a project that was in the works and (except for some issues around swapping networks) has performed like a champ. I've had the StickC connected to a small (2600mah) power bank which was in turn connected with a small (2w) solar panel. The combination had it running for days, recording data and sending it along to Thingspeak.

    But last night I disconnected the StickC to make some code changes. It tested out just fine, but when I went to power it up this morning ... it wouldn't start. Not when connected to the battery, not when connected to the PC, not when connected to a USB power source. I've tried all the familiar long press and left+right options that have helped with past issues, but the screen is stubbornly dark.

    Is there something I'm overlooking? Anything else I can try to revive a StickC that seems to be ... Sick-C?

  • When you connect to the PC does it detect a device? Hopefully it's just the screen that blew.

  • I Find just leaving it plugged into a charger for a couple hours works as I keep letting batteries go flat.

  • you could try following operations: 1. Short the BAT to GND,disconnect the short circuit after 2 seconds . 2. Insert the USB cable. 3. After the screen is lit, USB continues to charge the device.

    if still not working . pls contact the store.

  • I had put this StickC aside to work with another (I have a dozen or so of them). And then I ran into the same thing about ten StickC's later.

    With both of these, it seems to be a screen failure. I can download a program, get the LED to flash, and even connect via network. But the screen remains dead -- even if I just run the burner and start the device over from scratch. I've also tried shorting BAT to GND, just in case, and get the same results. Another 8 StickC's working dandy (I was making a batch of prototype devices) but these two appear to have simply lost their screens.

    So it's not really dead. It's just gone dark.

  • @devilstower you could try to upload the FactoryTest then check the serial log. if log normal and the screen still dark. you could contact the store.

  • You can try to reset your 'sick-C' by erase your flash and burn the firmware again?
    (my older m5stickC bought at 2017 .it never 'died'. I erase and burn the firmware for about 1,500 times and it never 'sicked')