VSCode extension error: "Saving code, don't close the window."

  • Hi, I can work in VSCode with vscode-m5stack-mpy, when in 'USB mode'. I can open the code from M5Stack device, edit it, run it, but cannot save it back. It shows two notifications: info "Saved /flash/XXX.py successfully." and warning "Saving code, don't close the window.". If I close the file and reopen it back it's remained unsaved. How to fix it?

    P.S. ampy, rshell and other tools work only if m5stack is in "App mode" , but VSCode with extension works only in "USB mode". Do you know why? Checked it on UIFlow-v1.4.5.1 and UIFlow-v1.5.2 firmwares.

  • I'm sorry, but it started to save edited filed back to /flash normally despite the fact that the warning remained.

    Could you advise me how to copy files back from /flash to PC without switching to "app mode" and disconnecting VSCode?