Adding an app to my App List on v1.5.2 M5Stack Fire

  • Hi,
    I have created my own python app in the UIFlow console (v1.5.2) on windows and can download and run it on the M5Stack Fire. However when I reset the M5Stack Fire it goes back to running the previously installed (happens to be one of the demo python apps that I installed). If I dont want that to run, I can choose App or Setup .....

    No matter what I do, this happens consistantly at bootup. I get the option for 'App' or 'Setup' and if the M5Stack receives no input choice from the user, defaults to run the previously installed app (except in my case ...that isnt my user written app that I uploaded, but a previously uploaded demo app).

    More importantly .... how to I get MY User written app added to the list of Apps that appeared on the M5Stack Fire after I burned the V1.5.2 firmware to it? (and it would be handy to delete apps from that App List on the M5Stack Fire too)

    many thanks for everybodies time

  • @derbydeserter said in Adding an app to my App List on v1.5.2 M5Stack Fire:

    ...can download and run it on the M5Stack Fire

    Are you sure you used the Download button within uiFlow and not the Play/Run button?
    0_1590341100478_Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 1.19.05 PM.png

    There is a 1-second timeout after boot up that allows the user to press the App, " : ", and Setup buttons. When you use the Download feature within uiFlow, it will download your app to your device, and then it should show up in the App list. Be sure to rename your Project name from "main" in the upper left of uiFlow so you can distinguish it from other apps. If not, it will overwrite each time.

    For deleting apps within the Apps menu, in v1.4.5.x you would hold the ▼/DEL button to delete them. However, I think there is a bug in v1.5.x and there is not an option to delete. You will need to delete them manually from the /flash/apps directory by using ampy, Thonny, etc.