UIFlow Desktop can't connect to M5Stick

  • When i try to connect UIFlow Desktop (on Debian Linux) via USB to my M5Stick always this message appears:

    Upload code failed, maybe your device is offline check it and retry

    and the statusbar shows
    /dev/ttyUSB0[ Disconnected ]

    But the FirmwareBurner works well. Also i can use a serial connection (like screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200) to communicate successfull with my M5Stick (Micropython-REPL). So drivers are not the problem. I also tried this as root - same behavior..
    Only the UIFlow connections to the USB isnt working.

    Of course I could use UIFlow online. In our school environment no internet connection is possible.

    Thanks for your support

  • M5Stack

    M5Stick? M5StickC? which product are you used ? UIFlow Desktop IDE don't support M5Stick. if you are using M5StickC, you should setup it the USB mode then , it can connect to the IDE.

    tutorial :


  • M5Stack

    Check out this video I did a while back on using M5Stack devices on linux https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZdTl0400uM you need to make sure to add the device to the dialout group, I can't remember the exact line of code but it's in the video if you watch it