Testing Lego+ Base and Suggestion

  • I tested the Lego+ Base using three Lego NXT Motors. I am using UiFlow and it seems that not too much can be done with the present version. We know that the Lego NXT motor has an encoder and from the software side, we can control the movement of the motor precisely using the unit of "Rotation", "Degree" and of course simple PWM speed (combine with a time interval). In addition, after a certain amount of shaft movement, usually, we would like to let the motor brake or coast away.

    My testing program used all the available features provided by the UiFlow, and you can see that driving (unload) the motors forward and backward with the same PWM speed does not necessarily bring the motors back to their initial positions. This is frustrating for a serious project.

    I hope in the future M5 will improve these issues. @lukasmaximus89 @m5stack



  • I forgot. I wanted to say that the PID feature of the Lego motor should be included in the future improvement of the Lego+ base API. Thanks.

  • @liemph the LEGO+ module don't provide PID API yet. if you want the use PID API , you could use BASE X module。

  • @m5stack Thanks. I am now experimenting with Base X.

  • Firstly, apologies for reviving an old topic. I realise i could use base x (and indeed do own one already). However, i was wondering if there had been any progress on adding the pid functions to the api for the lego+ module. i was hoping to use with ev3 motors but was looking to have both speed and position control.

    many thanks.