https is working! was: Reset your password

  • Updated 6/1/2020:
    I see the lock is in the address bar in the browser. Thank you very much. 👍💚

    Original post:
    If you entered your password with the broken lock in the URL bar, your password is already being sold to someone to be exploited. That password is compromised and it is GONE.

    There is not enough emphasis on the fact that this forum is not on HTTPS. I hope this is a recent problem, but this thread is not enough warning.

    I have witnessed when a website was misconfigured for just a day, its unencrypted traffic on the net was compromised and exploited. "Clear" traffic is automatically sniffed for things like passwords and credit cards. I'm not chicken little sky is falling, I have observed this on low traffic websites.

    Seriously, the site should just be gone until it's fixed. Chrome and Firefox have plugins to generate strong and random passwords, so use those and just hope for the best.

  • Better to change your password everywhere except here. And wait till it is set to HTTPS

  • In all truth, you should be resetting your password every month on all web sites.

  • What's the point of resetting your password? Your new password will instantly be compromised again after every password reset until the sites allows/enforces https.

    I guess M5Stack is a Chinese company. I hope they are aware that GDPR breaches are fined with up to €20 million or 4% of the companies global turnover (whichever is greater).

  • And now is it time to reset your password on the community site