Bitcoin / Multi Crypto Coin Ticker with 24 candlesticks chart

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    is't not easy to adapt because i use a data stream direct from the binace exchange api with binace pairs only. Don't know if there is a similiar data stream for forex etc. candles that can be used in the same way (json format every 2 seconds with open, high, low, close and volume)

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    How do I instal all the libraries that are included in the Public/Libraries

    They are in their own directories.

    Can someone please be kind to point out exactly how to do this?

    Thank you in advance.

  • you have to follow the guide in the readme.txt if you want to compile it in arduino to modify something in the code.

    download them all with Arduino -> library-manager - and watch for correct spelling and correct version numbers like in the readme given.

    or if you dont want to change the code then take the easy way without any coding and load it into the m5-stack core1(!) not 2 - i think no one runs it on a core version 2 m5-stack units because there would be some changings needed with library versions and code (resets all time and won't start correct atm)

  • Thank you so much. I installed all the libraries.

    I noticed that SHT3X.H file was not part of the "libraries" directories under main "Arduino" folder.

    I created a SHT3X directory under "libraries" and copied SHT3X.H into it. Not sure if it was correct or not. Without doing this, I was receiving SHT3X.H not found.

    When compiling, I am receiving the following errors:

    WARNINGL library timezone claims to run on air architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on esp32 architecthure(s).
    sketch\Crypto_Coin_Ticker.ino.cpp.o:(.literal.startup._GLOBAL__sub_I_ssid+0xe0): undefined reference to 'SHT3X::SHT3X(unsigned char)'
    sketch\Crypto_Coin_Ticker.ino.cpp.o:(.literal.Z16drawSensorValuesv+0x20): undefined reference to 'SHT3X::get()'

    Can you please point me in the right direction on what I am doing wrong?

  • the files SHTX3.ccp and SHTX3.h are normally in the root directory where you have the .ino file of the program (the sketch folder - ctrl+k loads it)
    you see the structure on root directory on github aswell

    because of the "#include" in the code it will show like this



    regarding the compiler messages i quote myself:

    btw: the one warning from "timezone" concerning a possible wrong architecture type while compiling the code is ok.. does not matter<

    other messages in red about the SHT3X are ok too but not like your error, they will look like this picture and do not disturb compiling

    i hope you have noticed that there is a very simple and short way to load the code without compiling in arduino at all .. right..? (M5Burner - "the simple way..") but i guess you know and want to modify something for your purpose

  • @frittna Amazing project, many thanks. using the tool it is very easy to load and configure. I am looking to make a similar data stream using train departure times but coding is not my stong point!