M5atom Matrix library (micropython)

  • Hi

    I would like to introduce you to a simple library to support the integrated 5x5 led matrix in the M5atom Matrix. The library was written in micropython.

    I have attached to the library examples showing the operation of library functions and an example thermometer application.

    At this moment you can use individual pixel set/clear function, display pixmaps/mask or use blink or breathe effectt at one selected pixel (at this time)
    Scrolling text are not implemented yet.

    You can download it at:

  • @robalstona Thanks for posting, I might give this a try!

  • I updated library with scroll text function
    In first half of video there are scroll some characters. In second half of video was there are displayed some feeds from my adafruit channel for example.


  • I would like to try the examples, but I don't know how to external use/import the modules/libraries like matrix.py. I've looked in most places but I can't find anything documented anywhere. I'm using UI Flow desktop v1.4.5. If you could point me in the direction of how I can use external modules/libraries with UI Flow desktop or what other IDE would be better I would much appreciate it, thanks.

  • @conrad i use uPyCraft to transfer files to atom. You can also connect uPycraft with atom and use REPL (something like command shell) to use interactive micropython command interpreter). With UiFlow it is possible but you must first transfer libraries to /apps folder in flash memory and use advanced->execute->execute code to run appropriate commands, ewentually write raw code in Python </> tab. In this option code probably properly run only when you download it to device (not run with play button).

    If i find some free time then i create custom block to scroll text using recently added Hardwares->Rgb->set atom matrixblock, but i must do some experiments with it.