Integrate into a "dock" or bench?

  • Hi, I just learned of the m5 stack system and am excited because it seems I won't need to build and program the UI like I have for prior projects. Just a couple buttons can add days to a prototype!

    I envision a testing bench with a core, face, and joystick module.

    • Is it possible to also add the USB module with core and face?
    • Does it go above the face and below the core?
    • USB module also has general IO pins? (I may interface with a stepper motor driver, etc)

    This bench it would affix to, I will create and it will hold the face and supply power, too. I have built test benches with chipKIT and ESP32 and wish I have used m5 Stack, which looks like will be my favorite going forward.


  • Yes. You can stack "FACES Bottom + FACSE joystick panel + USB module + Core". The USB module has many IO pins. You can use them to program high or low digital signals. But you are not sure if it has the ability to drive a stepper motor. You can refer to its data sheet for this.

    USB Module MAX3421E- datasheet link:

  • @m5stack does the USB module go on top of the FACES and under the Core?

    Yes, I would use an intermediate driver for the stepper itself and use the MCU + USB module to send signals. I mostly assume MCU pins do not do any work beyond to send/receive signals. ESP project above uses 3.3V relay to switch 12VDC. The chipKIT project referenced above uses Sparkfun Easy Driver product. Another application with a more hefty stepper uses "Rugger Circuits" designed Rugged Motor Driver shield.


  • @technerdchris yes , USB module go on top of the FACES and under the Core , then stack they together