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  • Hi!
    I am trying to compile a custom micropython firmware (that makes use of littlevGL) but I am missing some m5stack libraries... where can I find the libraries sources that are not included in https://github.com/m5stack/UIFlow-Code ? For example the Unit library, the m5stack, m5base, face, power and many others.
    Thanks for the help!

  • I would like to know this as well. I flashed my old (EOL and non-supported) white version of M5Stick with Micropython 1.12 to see if I could get BLE working with one of the examples. I was successful getting this basic BLE example from forum.micropython.org working, so I then tried to get the ENV unit connected and working, only to find that I couldn't find the unit library anywhere on the UIFlow GitHub repo. Ultimately, I was able to use dth12.py from your link above and now have a basic PoC of the M5Stick with ENV unit reporting temperature values to the BluetoothLE app on my iPhone via BLE, but it would be good to have all the libs posted to the GitHub repo.

  • Indeed! It would be a major major feature to have access to that! It would open many new possibilities.
    Glad you managed to fix your PoC! Still working on mine but having a big headache trying to put littlevGL to work ahah.

  • @world101 m5stack is now doing some quality surveys etc, do it and tell them to make this available! Maybe they'll do that if more people ask for it!

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    @world101 I extracted the modules from the flash of an original stick with 1.2.3 firmware and uploaded them to my github https://github.com/lukasmaximus89/M5Stick-1.2.3-Modules perhaps it may be useful to you. An important point though is 1.2.3 firmware is based on loboris micropython fork so those modules are likely to be incompatible with the latest main branch of micropython

  • @lukasmaximus

    Thanks, but I'm not sure that helps that much. I'm more interested in the new libs bundled with the current firmware based on Micropython v1.11. Can those be extracted as well? If not, since you work at M5Stack, can you talk to a colleague to obtain them? They must exist somewhere if they are included with the newer firmware, right?

  • I share @world101 thoughts. In another post ( http://community.m5stack.com/topic/1586/micropython-fresh-start/6 ) that diverged to the same issue I posted the following (for simplicity we should, from now on, keep the discussion in the current post instead of the other one.)

    "Thanks @lukasmaximus ! Good link for some info!
    I understand that they are now frozen in bytecode, but to do that you first need the normal source code. I know we can access https://github.com/m5stack/UIFlow-Code but those are only the ones that are not frozen. It would be a HUGEEE help and benefit for the community that the rest of the code would also be available. For example, I am making a project in which I need to do a custom micropython firmware with littlevGL and other stuff frozen, but without the source code that is currently frozen on your MP version I can't use my version with full potential on a m5stack. So if you could release the source code before being turned into bytecode, that would be a great help!
    Even if someone doesn't want to create a new MP custom firmare, just having the code would be easier to see what M5stack libraries are available, with no need to use repl to print them all.
    Hope I was not too confuse, I can clarify if needed!"

  • Any update on this subject?

  • 2 months have passed, any development?

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    @tialm we has plan to open source all Unit code. but maybe it need wait the UIFlow2.0 version finish

  • @m5stack Hi m5stack, Any news on the open source / UIflow 2.0? progress

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    @waroffice please wait patiently