M5Bala problem

  • Hello everyone !

    I just bought a bala with M5stack Fire.
    My problem is that the balance routine doesn’t work at all.
    I tried the balance loop in Uiflow, the default firmware with arduino it is always the same behavior : not balancing at all and always full speed foward or backward...

    May someone has an hint on what’s happenings ?
    I tried also with a M5GO and it foes the same behavior.

  • @guiguimon

    1. Put both M5 Fire M5 Bala on top of each other. Now both batteries should be charged first.
      (If not, insert the USB plug into the M5 Bala and plug the M5 Fire briefly off and on again)
      "Now a green LED should light up on the left and right side of the two wheels of the M5 Bala. In addition, a red LED flashes on the M5 Bala to the left of the USB port, charging the battery of the M5 Bala. Now a red LED should also flash below the SD card slot on the M5 Fire. So the M5 Fire is also charging.

    2. if the M5 Fire LED lights up permanently and the LED on the M5 Bala next to the USB port is also lit up permanently, both batteries are charged, you can now remove the USB cable.

    Now remove the M5 Fire from the M5 Bala and place it on the M5 Fire on the floor where you want to ride.

    1. press the On button on the M5 Fire and simultaneously the C button on the M5 Fire, after the M5 Fire has started it will beep and she calibrate the gyro sensor.
      5 As soon as you can see the gyro sensor curve on the screen, plug the M5 Fire back onto the M5 Bala. And lo and behold it balances on the spot.

    greetings skink

  • @skink thank you very much I tried but with no result....
    On the default firmware, it seems to not detect the gyros
    On the basic examples motors are always on at max speed.

  • @guiguimon
    Have you ever installed the Bala software in the M5 Fire with the EasyLoader !
    Link: "https://docs.m5stack.com/#/en/app/bala"
    Just tried it with another M5 stack fire. Software with Easy Loader installed and then the second M5 Stick Fire also runs in balance mode. Very important only both batteries should be fully charged!

    Greeting skink

  • You should charge your battery to full. Do you tried to calibrate your sensor?
    Press and hold the right C key to start the machine, and release the key after hearing the "drip" sound. The sensor will enter the calibration setting, and keep the host horizontal and still. After 3 seconds, the sensor calibration is completed, and it will automatically enter the balance mode after the calibration is completed.If you found that Bala cannot keep balance during use, it can be solved by trying to calibrate the sensor.