Stick gets very hot with SPK and Charging / USB unstable (newbie questions to experts)

  • Hi,

    I have sucessfully implemented my first two programs M5StickC. And somehow it does work and is very cool :) - however I have ran accoss some strange things that I did not find an answer to after searching this forum / the beginner / basics docs at

    1. when charging the device with SPK module on it gets very hot - both the speaker and module. I only have one module here so I cannot check any combinations. Without USB Cable it is not getting hot, speaker works fine. => Is that normal? How can I reduce the heat?

    2. the usb-mode is not very stable. I have tried out many variations and have come to 9/10 times where download works but it is still annoying. Are there some tips to make USB download work every time?

    Thank you!


  • @mchack they are getting hot because the amp in the speaker and the charge controller draw power.
    Intermittent usb is down to one of two things.

    1st is the usb lead. Try a good quality usb charge/sync cable.
    2nd is the driver. The driver can be temperamental if not installed properly as it will fight with the host OS version of the driver.

  • Hi
    thank you for the quick answer.

    -So they are getting really hot too hot - you can still touch them but it is surprisingly hot. and: when disconnecting the usb chable it is back to warm (whcih I get & understand...)

    • The cable was inluded and looks ok.
    • The problem has worsed: All of a sudden, Windows claims it cannot recognise the device any more will have to reinstal the driver & hope that helps. :(

  • @mchack widows does have issue but i'm worried that it could be connected to the heat issue.