I2C sensor to G26 and G36?

  • Is it even possible to connect an I2C sensor to G26 and G36?
    At the Grove Port there is only 5 Volt and I need 3.3 Volt.
    I currently have the sensor on the Grove Port.
    The 3.3 volts are currently used from the above port.
    But this is not a solution, either I have to get the Grove port to 3.3 Volt or I have to use the above one, but how?

  • The current grove sensors provided by M5Stack are 3.3v however, to keep comparability with the grove standard they have internal voltage regulators that reduce the 5v supply to the internal sensors to 3.3v if you look in the projects forum for the UIFlow handbook roadmap discussion, I have linked to some document that I am working on where I have attempted to document the power supply side of the devices.

  • @ajb2k3
    Thanks for the info.
    Can I use the upper port to get 3.3 Volt?