Broplem with M5Go Batterie by buy from aliexpress

  • Hello, I'm having problems with port C. The unitLight sensor does not always give the analog value I think of a false contact with contacts barettes interior (2 * 15). If I screw the two hex screws, the analog input of port C no longer works. If I remove the screws the port C works normally. What can I do for me? See the video Thank you.

    I filed a dispute on Aliexpress and the problem is not recognized by M5Stack.

    The problem is not the charging of the battery. The battery is charging well
    It is a problem of receiving data on the port when the plastic box is screwed.
    When the screws are removed all is well.
    I think the problem is false contact.

    I test the M5Stack products for use with students and I want to have reliable products because I will buy a lot.

    What can you do to solve the problem?
    Thank you

  • After 3 successive orders, the bases have all three a defect of connectivity.
    I think the heights of the pins of the contacts are not high enough and do not fit in the header.
    View the photo :