I cannot get the M5Stack and or the ESP32 to show up on Arduino IDE.

  • I am running windows 10, I have deleted the Arduino IDE and Re-Installed it fresh. Not sure what I am doing wrong here...

  • @tjsig Hi Tjsig,

    Did you follow the install guide here ? https://github.com/m5stack/M5Stack

    You can check the USB driver is loaded and working by doing this: Connect your M5Stack to USB port... . Go to Device Manager - check "Ports (COM & LPT) - the Silicon Labs CP210X driver should be listed.

    If not listed under Device Manager, then connect M5Stack to a different USB port on your system, or connect a USB hub. (for other reasons, USB hub should be powered and dedicated (don't connect other devices as they drain available power).

    Note that a short USB cable is recommended. You may also want to try another USB cable in order to rule that out as a potential source of the problem.

    (Note that for the get.exe program to work you need to have Python installed (either version) and it needs to be on your Windows path.) That is important!!

    In one case, my setup didn't work as my wifi dropped out while get.exe was trying to do its thing and therefore required programs didn't install. Just had to redo that part of the procedure.

    OK if Silabs USB driver IS listed under Device Manager, then: in the Arduino IDE "-- under Tools, and under Port, your active Com port should be named and NOT greyed out. "

    Is the com port greyed out ? If greyed out it's still not going to work and suggests something went wrong with the setup procedure. If NOT greyed out then the port should be ready to go.

    If not greyed out, you still need to select the com port for it to become functional.

  • M5Stack easy setup: