Charging the battery

  • How long should it take to charge the core battery fully with a 2A charger?

  • @km4hpk

    Hi km4hpk,

    As a rough indicator with variance based on individual conditions, I'd say around 40 mins.....

  • Then my battery must be defective. It doesnt stay charged very long

  • @km4hpk

    How long does it stay charged roughly ?
    Is it getting enough power when you charge it ?
    How are u charging it ?

  • I power it on to show my friends the test program about 2 times and the power it off. Some time later while it is powered off it dies within 6 hours. I charge it with my 10watt charger.

  • @km4hpk

    Note these points:

    Official recommendations for use:

    Power input to M5Stack - 5 - 5.5 V @ 500 mA - is the official recommendation.
    Short USB cable is the official recommendation.
    Arduino IDE upload speed - 119,200 - is the official recommendation.

    It may be you are not getting enough power to your M5Stack.

    How is it connected to USB ?

    When u charge it is it getting - 5 - 5.5 V @ 500 mA ? Under 5 volts is below spec.

    If using a hub, disconnect other devices AND connect a power supply to the USB hub. (This makes a BIG difference - I have tested it using USB meter.)

    You can test the USB power supply to the M5 using a USB power meter.

    If those measures do not resolve it, then test on another PC using a different USB port / or get an adaptor and charge it directly using a Raspberry PI compatible transformer as per the specs above.

    When the unit is turned off there is some low level power use still occurring so the battery can drain over time. For this reason the Battery Module is a good addition - 150 mAh battery (internal batt) vs 850 mAh battery (batt module).

  • I am charging it with the ipad 1 charger. I have a meter and the wall wart is normally 5v, but the output amps is .3A and on the faces that i have it is .17A. It charges my other things just fine. I don't know why the amp draw is so low.