Display with wrong color and contrast after SD writing

  • I was creating a cataloguer for IMU signal and when I was trying to save data on SDcard, immediately after file open, display started to show wrong color and contrast. I tried to erase flash, flash micro python, refresh arduino firmware for display testing, but nothing change. How can I solve this problem?0_1520895980182_IMG_20180312_235416.jpg

  • @pperego Hi Pperego,

    Not sure I can help but......................

    Did you try the the ESPFlashDownload tool to try to erase the flash ? Has worked for me.

    Did you have the com port selected on the tool ?

    If you did use that tool and it failed to erase the flash, did it give you an error message ?

    If I don't reply to your reply, it means I can't help and am leaving your response open for someone else to see.

  • @jimit 在 Display with wrong color and contrast after SD writing 中说:


    I have just tried; I am able to erase the flash with ESPDownloadTool, both in SPI and HSPI, but if I upload the firmware via Arduino, the display has always the same problem.

    I don't know I it works but, is it possible to reflash the bootloader?