Fire & Base Node

  • Hi all, hope everyone is well:..

    My sml project involves playing .mp3's via SD card using Fire/M5 Node. What I did (while waiting for M5 Node) and works well, M5 Fire + M5 Bus module to break out GPIO pins for I2S Bus + attached an external I2S board and ear buds (see images). Using M5 example (PlayMP3FromSDToDac) and some tweaking I have audio streaming from SD card - sound great.

    Now I have M5 Node and using LED RGB example, Ok that works, but not having much luck playing .mp3's using Fire & Node though. I know that the GPIO pins need to be remapped to suit I2S configuration on M5 Node (according to NODE docs), used/remapped GPIO 13,5 & 2 in PlayMP3FromSDToDAC example. So wondering (and thks in advance) if anyone may have some thought's.

    Additional - does anyone know if any audio example's exist for the M5 Node?. Seems strange I.e create a nice bit of audio hardware + docs with no example! What am I missing here?



    Modified code below works with external I2S (UDA1334), but not with M5Node

    Node PinOuts - Using pins I2S, LRC/BCLK/DACDAT/ 5V & GND.

    Works, UDA1334 connected to Fires I2S Bus via breakout (sounds awesome)

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