Arduino IDE fails to compile Weather Station v8 example sketch

  • Hi, I have been trying to compile this sketch

    I used latest Arduino IDE but it fails because it relies on libraries that only seem to be available when selecting "Generic ESP32" board. I have clearly misunderstood something so please can someone point me in the right direction. BTW I also looked at trying to complie with the ESP-IDF environment but the example files are clearly .ino for the Arduino IDE.
    Thanks in advance.

  • @1nformatica A little more detail. I have installed the M5Stack github repository and can successfully compile and upload the basic and advanced sketch examples. However when I try to compile the weather station sketch it fails because when the M5Stack board is selected the required libraries which are for the esp8266 are unavailable. Even when the libraries are copied to the Arduino documents folder the sketch fails to compile with many errors. Does anyone actually have this sketch running?

  • @1nformatica Hi 1nformatica,

    Sorry I thought i replied to this earlier....... In case it's still of interest...

    I tried running this in the Arduino IDE but also had compile errors..... Also tried copying the required files. No dice.

    One or more of the files involved has probably been updated which has then introduced incompatibilities with existing programs such as this.


    Perhaps someone will come across the issue and update it.

    A similar issue was recently addressed here regarding Blynk - which is apparently now working again. A sketch worth trying......

    Can read about it here if interested:

    BTW - Good job on your youtube review of the M5Stack !

  • @jimit Many thanks for the reply, it is sad as it was the example I wished to include in my M5Stack YouTube review. Glad you liked it anyway! For those who are interested the video is here: M5Stack Review