M5 How-to (general tips and guide)

  • Hi, not sure if this is the right place but I've been encouraged to post on tips to help the community with the most common problem when approaching the M5 bits. Here the first part I'm writing


    Program Stick C via Ui Flow Desktop IDE 1.2.3

    • Set the Stick C in USB mode (see below)
    • Connect to your computer USB port
    • Launch IDE
    • Select the correspondent USB port from drop down menu of the pop-up menu (usually USBSerial)
    • the status bar bottom left should show the USB port selected and in green the word 'connected'

    How to access menu

    • press PWR button

    • soon as it starts press M5 button (button G37)

    • press BTN G39 to scroll options (Program - App List - Setup)

    • to select option press M5 button (BTN G37)

    How to change connection and its settings

    • in setup scroll options ( Cloud mode - USB mode - WiFi setting )

    • to select option press M5 button (BTN G37)

  • @ipodlux Cool, I didn't know there was a menu. thanks for sharing.

  • I have bought M5Stick C and managed to program it by using the Arduino IDE. Now I want to use also the Uiflow and for that, I have to set up the Wifi configuration, however, whenever I push the power button, the stick always run directly to the last Ardunio program I wrote. How to set the stick back to its original condition where we can set up the Wifi configuration for Uiflow ?

  • You need to download the M5Burner from here
    Download the UIFlow firmware from inside M5Burner,
    Set the device to Stick C,
    Erase the Stick C,
    Install UIFLow firmware for Stick C.

    Sorry no pictures as yet.

  • Hey @liemph replied to your comment on youtube. If that didn't resolve your issue, let us know more about your issue, whether you have been able to flash the uiflow firmware successfully etc. feel free to post your other questions here

  • @ajb2k3 unfortunately the stick ahs no possibility to be switched into USB mode