Description M5Stack 6060-PUSH

  • Hello,
    I am missing some information at docs of M5Stack 6060-Push.

    1. Where can I find the pinout of the orange connector of M5Stack 6060-Push? At this connector there are power and RS485. Inside the modul I found: G, V, A and B.
      I suspected:
    • G = GND
    • V = +24V (or other voltage?)
    • A = RS485-A
    • B = RS485-B
    1. Which command are available?
    • ID\r\n -> Get the ID of the modul - I understood
    • ID=<number> -> Set the ID - I understood
    • ID<number>:X<position> \r\n - If <position> equal 010.1 what will happend? Movement 10.1 mm or 10.1 steps?
      -ID<number>I\r\n - Read busy - What is the answer?
      It would be great if I could get some more details.

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    you can refer 6060 product document.

    link :